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Our values

Our first value is customer priority. Here’s a fact, there would be no Bagel Crust, without customers. So we are always asking ourselves, “how can we deliver food faster, have it taste better and be presented better” ?

Our second value is dedicated work to value one.

Bagel Crust mainly feeds people through bagel sandwiches, omelettes, and coffees; which provides food for people, work for team members, and joy for the owners.

Our Purpose

Bagel Crust is a great place to learn how to serve.

Service is the ability to manage transactions, communicate in teams and take initiative to get it done.

Here at Bagel Crust, team members are encouraged to use this environment, to enrich their social skills, communication skills, and leadership skills.

Bagel Crust is also a great place to grow.

As the company grows, the more its need for leaders. Our Internal Management Program is one in which seeks to develop leaders, to give them the right tools, for growth in business.

For some, this is just another job. For others, it's the start of their career.

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332 E. Calder Way
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