Frequently Asked Questions 

We all have questions, whats yours? 

What is Bagel Crust?

Bagel Crust is a restuarant that serves bagel sandwiches, omelettes and coffees.

How Did Bagel Crust Start?

To be honest, we don't have a full story of how Bagel Crust started, we just know it must have taken an intense passion mixed with consistent discipline to create it, and we aim to keep that tradition alive.

How do I check the schedule?

We use an app called Homebase, it allows you to; - see the schedule
- set your avalibility
- request time off
- communicate with other team members

What should I expect on first day?

Well, this is a new environment for you, new people, new stuff going on, so we will jump right into our main objective, to serve the customer. Let us know your preferred shirt size, we will get you one and if you have non-slip shoes, thats recommended for your safety, not required.

Make sure to also have your social security number on hand, we will be setting you up on our Payroll system. If you're interested in direct deposit, also bring your bank account number and routing number.

What values do we practice at Bagel Crust?

As hinted in Our History, Bagel Crust is a result of dedicated work, our first value.

Jobs are always changing, one day you're a caveman who’s job is to pick berries, the next you’re a real estate agent selling houses. What remains constant in both, is the work, the doing, the action taken.

Here at Bagel Crust, team members are encouraged to use this environment, to enrich their social skills, communication skills, and leadership skills.

Our second value is customer priority. Here’s a fact, there would be no Bagel Crust, without customers. So we are always asking ourselves, “how can we deliver food faster, have it taste better and be presented better” ?

How do I setup direct deposit?

The first day we should have set up direct deposit with you, if not, email your bank account number and routing number to

When do we get paid?


Here is the pay schedule for 2020:

How do I use Inventory App?

Late Nights


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